For english speaking clients

If you are an American or international student / person staying in Germany and you are insured through Geo Blue (formerly HTH/GeoBlue), my offer includes psychiatric drug treatment (refills, consultation in psychopharmacological drug issues) as well as Cognitive behavioral Therapy (CBT).


After having made an appointment with me, please contact directly GeoBlue and ask for a „Guarantee of Payment (GoP)“ for the first appointment.


With a valid GoP, I can hence bill the costs directly to GeoBlue.

For prescriptions and drugs in the German pharmacy, you will have to pay cash at the pharmacy.

Afterwards please submit the prescription to GeoBlue, in order to receive cash refund for your medication bought.


If you are a permanent resident and you are health insured by a German „Krankenkasse“ , the costs for a psychotherapy (CBT= Cognitive behavioral Therapy) will be covered completely by the insurance. After 5 probatory sessions, we will submit an application to the insurance in order to receive full coverage for your treatment (25 – 45 CBT sessions).


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